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  • Join National Dental Plans and increase your patient load easy and absolutely free.

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  • Attract new patients with our discounted fee-for-service dental plan.

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National Dental Plans

We are in the process of creating a nation-wide network of top-notch dentists to provide top-quality affordable dental plans. We are not an insurance company -- we are a 'reduced-fee-for-service' dental plan. We want to help both the dentist and the patient. By becoming a National Dental Plans Provider, the dentist will get an increased patient volume, while patients(with or without dental insurance) will benefit by receiving private dental care at reduced fees, 25% off of current provincial fee guide for General Practitioners and Specialists. Lab Expenses(“L”) and Special Material Expenses(“E”) as described in the Provincial Fee Guide are not subject to discount and are the patient’s responsibility. It's as simple as that. NO FEE SHARING WITH US AT ALL, and to top it off, it is absolutely free to become and remain a participating Provider.

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Be a part of our network of highly qualified dentists and establish a dominant online presence that will be seen by thousands of people every week.


Feel proud by contributing towards high quality dental care to our valuable members and helping Canadians keeping their smile.


Save time and money by substituting costs towards obsolete advertisement with reduced dental fees. There are no claims to submit. Our members pay you directly after treatment in accordance with our Fee Schedule and there is absolutely no fee sharing with us.


Receive new patients motivated to receive minor, major, and cosmetic treatment. Patients are not restricted by waiting periods, benefit limits, or treatment exclusions.