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About Us

National Dental Plans is in the process of creating the largest network of qualified dentists and cash/direct paying Canadians with or without dental insurance.

Today, almost 40% of Canadians are without dental insurance and avoid going to the dentist due to high cost. Canadians with difficulty accessing quality dental care are also those with the most dental pain and only resort going to a dentist in cases of emergency. Offering them affordable dental care will give them the confidence to go to a private dental office knowing that they will pay dental fees at reduced rates. Canadian with dental insurance can save on their co-insurance (deductible) portion.

National Dental Plans is NOT insurance – It is a reduced-fee-for-service dental plan. Our providers (dentist) directly charge patients 25% off  of current Provincial fee Guide for General Practitioners and Specialists.

Lab Expenses(“L”) and Special Material Expenses(“E”) as described in the Provincial Fee Guide are not subject to discount and are the patient’s responsibility.